Before, During and After Violent Transitions

We work in situations of complex transitions with victims and a range of key stakeholders to prevent and end atrocities and transition societies.

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Civil society organizations are indispensable in aiding transitional societies, yet many in Africa, including Ethiopia, struggle with implementing effective, long-term strategies for dealing with past violence. The common shortcomings of these organizations — ranging from their absence, rushed initiatives, to a one-size-fits-all approach—stem from a lack of in-depth, localized strategies and an overreliance on external funding and intervention methods. ACT has been established to counter these issues by promoting a shift towards long-term commitment, localized understanding, and early intervention in transitional justice efforts. ACT aims to foster sustainable peace through collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders, including local and international experts, victims, and other relevant entities, emphasizing the need for a strategic, comprehensive approach to transitional justice and peacebuilding in Ethiopia and across Africa.


Transitional Justice Working Group of Experts releases consultations report (available in Amharic)

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative has published a report on the population's perception of transitional justice in Ethiopia based on a household survey.

Read OHCHR-EHRC Findings of Community Consultations on Transitional Justice in Ethiopia here

Ethiopia Highlights

TJ Policy

Validation Workshops 21-24 Feb 2024

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We are dedicated to creating peaceful outcomes during complex transitions by partnering with grassroots organizations, academic and research institutions and international civil societies.

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